thisboywonders (thisboywonders) wrote in azumanga,

DVD vol. 5 question

Hello Azumanga Daioh fans.

Long ago, when the series was coming out from ADVfilms, I was buying the DVDs individually.
I bought the deluxe box (with the Chiyo and cat bonus pins).
I got up to DVD 4, before stopping (from lack of time/money, etc)

I was looking at my collection and I realized the chiyo dad pin is supposed to be in DVD vol. 5.
I really want that pin, haha!

But I forgot how all that worked. Was the pin a "first press" kind of bonus thing or are they included in any brand new copy of the vol. 5 DVD?

If you have any idea, please let me know.

(Or if you'd be willing to sell me your chiyo dad pin for a small price, let me know)

Thank you!
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